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Thank you for coming to my personal space. This is a space where I can freely talk about my own adventure through life. I will use it to share my discoveries about myself and the things that keep me busy and active. Through this website you might find inspiration for your own journey through life. It is going to be part of my online identity and will develop into my personal brand.


Perhaps slightly unusual to some, but this entire site is going to be about me. I will just start here with what is perhaps the basic start about myself, so you don’t feel like we are skipping steps here.


I grew up in The Netherlands, together with my younger brother and as child to two wonderful parents that stayed together. That perhaps in itself is special, for I know so many people that have divorced parents around me.

I had a relative safe environment to grow up in and not much special things happening in life. I did know nothing of the outside world by the time I went out of the house and towards my first job. Living all by myself in a huge city, while having grown up in the country-side gave a bit of a shock.

I nailed it anyhow and that I experience as a big achievement.

I often used to say “I will never …” and all those nevers’ became the things that happened to me. It’s funny, really. My life lesson out of that is to never say never.

Computers & The Internet

I grew up without much TV or anything that kids now grow up with, which would be internet, mobile devices, social media and games. Secondary school went well too. I wasn’t particularly good in school, I always daydreamed in primary school and this was no different at secondary school level. I fell in love with new technology here.

IT Study

What followed was a four-year IT Study. During my IT studies I started a bunch of side-hustles together with these friends to create websites for all sorts of client.

After my IT studies were completed successfully, my teachers said never to be a programmer. Guess what job turned up after that? Exactly: programming.

Work Life & A New Study

I went to the big city to work in a well-known big firm to program websites (ColdFusion) and got some free education on the side.

Than the internet bubble (one of the first ones I guess) hit and I lost my job instantly. I searched for a wide variety of jobs, started another job in the local cinema, but decided in the end to just study a bit more.

If I ever wanted to make a bigger company out of the side-hustles, I could use some education in the department that had most jobs at the time: Marketing.

I studied marketing management and publishing.

Many Big Changes

During what followed to be a four-year study completed over 5 years, a lot of things changed.

I started an official firm, based on the many clients I had as side-hustles before. I had more work-experience through job-practices.

I met an awesome girl through a friend of mine. I moved to her country, had to learn a new language and find more customers for my growing firm. I finished the study after 5 years and had an interesting learning lesson about “failure” when my company went down. I had to find work to pay the bills and start a new firm to keep my side-hustles legal.

My Goal With This Website

First and foremost this website is going to be about me. You will be able to follow my daily life adventures, my struggles, my experiences, my achievements, my joy and sorrow. I will display stuff, I will make you think, I will try to inspire, I will teach, motivate and more. These are all things that interest me. I will also tell more about my past, as a form of auto-biography. I originally wrote this about me page as a 1200+ word post, but realized that nobody would read that much and decided to cut it shorter and copy those details to a new blog or multiple smaller blogs.

I love to teach, inspire, motivate, coach, consult, project-lead, organize and help people. I enjoy analyzing stuff and people, I am a great listener. Even though I need some time to evaluate all the information, the stuff that I in the end will put out as content will be a good read and philosophical enough for discussion.

I also see this website as part of the personal brand. It will define me, it will show everything about my life and it will possibly also show the good and bad sides of me that can be interesting for doing something together with me. Most importantly you will be able to connect to me and get into contact with me.

I will always answer your email or DM.

See you around!

Be sure to check out the other places where I am present.

Steven Esser
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