In one of my most recent coaching sessions I came to the conclusion at the start of the session that I am not really stuck in life. I am actually standing at a crossroad. Each direction leading to a possibility, a direction in life.

Ways To Rome

Many many paths. You perhaps have seen them in one of those drawings about there to be many roads leading to Rome. During my coaching session I figured that this same crossing that I saw as a crossing just a moment before, actually had been a round-a-bout.


Huge Round-a-bout

Not just a round-a-bout, but a round-a-bout the size of a kilometer or two. In the middle of the round-a-bout you would find a small park. A park with nature, birds, park benches and a river. My crossroads is not just a crossroads with a couple of signs and a few different directions. My crossroads is a round-a-bout with a giant park in the middle.


In the middle of the park stands a tower. Not just some tower, but one of these watch towers you would find in nature where there are a lot of birds. A tall but sturdy tower with staircases and fences on the side. You could compare them as well to the towers they got in the Jungle I once saw in a documentary.

This huge special tower has a couple of the classic binoculars installed. Not the type you need to pay for, but the ones you can just look through to see far away and get it up-close. From this tower I manage to see a bit more what each direction has to offer in my crossroads. I got a great overview over all the options and I can take my time to look at each of them before making a decision.


Little Kid

Often I also have a character in my coaching sessions. A character that guides me. Sometimes it is a train, other times a river or my dear pet cats. This time it was a kid. The young “me” if you will. A little child that is curious and not so anxious as I am. A kid that is exploring and not really seeing consequences that well – or dangers for that matter.

The kid runs at full speed to the tower. I run after him and try to stop him. Try to make him hold my hand to climb the tower together. The kid agrees and together with walk to the tower.

Here the eagerness of the child comes back and also the energy is once again unlocked. He escapes my hand and speeds up all the many stairs of the tower. I am a slow older adult and have troubles catching breath while climbing the many steps of the wooden tower.

I am a little worried of the child running up, for towers are dangerous, but realized that the tower has these metal frames and fencing around the staircases. It is impossible to fall off. This calms me a little and let the child run further. I hear the child suddenly being amazed at the sight, as the child already climbed all the way to the top. I am still wondering why I am climbing this tower and get some forms of vertigo while I take some quick looks on either side of the staircase.

Finally on the top of the tower I am able to join the child in the breathtaking view. “So Many Directions!” the child shouts and “wow, you can look very far away!”

Directions and Choices

I look around and in all directions at the view you get served so high up. The tower is higher than the highest trees, giving a breathtaking sight over the forests, the roads, the hills, the mountains, the sea, rivers and everything.

I actually can see what is where and I am able to make up what I want to do.

I also realize I don’t really have to make only one choice. There are many roads connecting somewhere else with each other. There are also more crossroads and there is the option to go back where we came from, back to the crossroads with the park.

A direction doesn’t need to be definitive. There are many options, but also many solutions. There are many directions to go in-to and one can always change their mind.

I make note of the directions that spark an interest… A moment of joy to me. These directions I have to spend some time with. These directions I need to explore and figure out what they will do to me. What they mean to me and whether they are the ones I want to spend the coming years upon or not.

The crossroads were not just black and white, binary choices. The crossroads gave me many possible directions and interconnections of roads. The crossroads gave me peace of mind of not having to make any final choices yet. Nothing is definite, everything can still change – both now and in the future.


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