What Is My Passion?

What is my passion? This question has bothered me a lot lately. I really don’t know. I don’t know what my passion is.
I have many learned skills, from IT to marketing. Programming, cooking, there are many things I have either knowledge of or experience in or at least followed some form of course, or study for. Nothing of that I see as a passion though.

I also love nature, but not in the level of hey, this is something I would work a job with or HEY let’s become a forest keeper or something like that. Gardener doesn’t appeal to me, even though I do some gardening around the house.

Interest wise, I enjoy building dams in water. That is something I got from being kid and by being Dutch I believe. It’s stuff we used to do on holidays in Switserland. Building dams in the middle of small streams in the mountains, with the accompanying result of flooding entire mountain hiking paths, to much annoyance of hikers.

I am no great gamer in the way other people can play or stream games on Twitch and be good at it. I certainly love to analyze games and their mechanics and discuss them. Or teach people how the game works or how game mechanics work. I actually do stream at times on Twitch, but only when I feel I got time for it. With my current “stuck” situation, I feel I have to figure this out first before I go and dedicate more time to things.

Gaming wise, I do also love to create my own stuff. Programming is than also one thing I do enjoy. It is a learned skill though. Not something that would come from childhood, does it?

This is not the first time that I am trying to figure out about my passion in life. It isn’t either the first struggle of how I want to stand in life, what I want to occupy myself with and what should be the way I want to make money to earn a living. I’ve visited it before through coaching and through self-help books.

One of the great inspiring authors is Barbara Sher. She wrote books to define what you want to do. Her target group are people that are in their 40-60s and are working a job or stuck in a life situation that they don’t like but did because of life and because of the way that we always followed what our parents wanted us to do. She wakes up people and tells them they have a choice and now is the time to figure out what you really want to do and enjoy to make it your business.

Through her many inspiring books, you can figure out how deep down you will have to search to find the true passion of your life. I probably haven’t really seriously put all the time into them to figure it out. Either that, or I just don’t fit the target demography of the books.

The books are though very inspiring and definitely down to earth. Most books have an accompanying book club, where, during a year you can read the books together with others and discuss each chapter each week. That way it is more likely that you will complete the practices that are discussed in the books. The other down to earth approach in this book is that she is very honest about our inability in life to “just think positive” or having to deal with procrastination.

In case you are interested to see what Barbara Sher is all about, Barbara Sher wrote the following books:

During my journey these past weeks and coming time I have been reading a lot of books, consuming a lot of content on social media and YouTube and also have coaching sessions with a life coach that has helped me a lot the past years. I cannot endorse her in any way or give you links, but I can at least tell you here that I appreciate her help a lot. She helps me in finding the voice within me, she makes me see or set my priorities. Most importantly, she doesn’t advice, but simply steer me in my own directions.

Another person I am following a lot of content of is Gary Vee or rather named Gary Vaynerchuk. He is the one that made me actually decide to put my domain to good use again. This domain is all about me and my personal brand. I also plan to work on social media, even though it is a struggle right now to put enough content out here and there. At least I got myself pushed in a direction I want to work on and build something out.

Gary Vee is about working hard, but following your passion. He is also about working towards a lifestyle that allows for you being happy, instead of working towards a lot of money. While Money is really necessary in life to survive and thrive, it isn’t that more money will make you more happy either.

Gary Vee is also about providing value to your audience and not so much trying to sell stuff. I agree very much to that approach and this is something I have always been doing really by instinct. Though, I think I am more about value than anything sales related. I could definitely learn more about the selling part, but let’s put that aside for now. He’s also about gratitude and that also is sounding well with me.

Gratitude is though often something we don’t do too much with. We take things in life for granted. It’s remarkable how often I come across feeling the gratitude or having the feeling like I should be feeling more gratitude than taking things for granted.

Just blindly going for happiness in life doesn’t get you anywhere either. It might even be impossible. I will have to try to figure out what I love so that I can make a living and lifestyle that ultimately leads to happiness as a byproduct.

I also learn loads of other people both through the learning platform of Wealthy Affiliate, a place where I host my websites, coach others and learn all about SEO and affiliate marketing. If that is something you are wondering about, just contact me or write in the comments somewhere and I will be sure to help you out.

So here I am working on this domain and website and blog texts to build my personal brand. Branding yourself is a great move. It can help you land future jobs or business deals. Currently I do it mostly as a form of therapy. I practice writing skills, and word of mouth through writing. It is really just a lot of therapy in the same time, learning about myself and being able to put stuff down in text makes you less stuck with things in your head.

I love to hear what you think of my writings here, so please leave a comment in the comment section below!


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